St Paul’s Cathedral

Hello Fabulous Friends, I wanted to take some time and show you one of my favorite sites that I have wanted to see since I was in elementary school. St. Paul's Cathedral, along with Westminster Abbey, is one of the historical sites that I have been dying to see. I have a deep appreciation for... Continue Reading →


My Travel Favorites and Beauty Discounts!

I've been reminiscing about my recent trip to London (I'll share more photos this week, promise!)  One thing I have learned about travel over the years whether it be across the country or almost the other side of the world is that you have your Go-TO travel essentials a girl can't live with out and... Continue Reading →

London Log: Liberty London

There is something about shopping in London, its in the energy of the hustle and bustle, the unique architecture of the buildings and the shops that are not in the U.S. aka Selfridges and Marks & Spencer. One of the places that I have wanted to go was Liberty London. In 2011 my family and... Continue Reading →

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