My Travel Favorites and Beauty Discounts!

I've been reminiscing about my recent trip to London (I'll share more photos this week, promise!) ¬†One thing I have learned about travel over the years whether it be across the country or almost the other side of the world is that you have your Go-TO travel essentials a girl can't live with out and... Continue Reading →


Glam Glow GravityMud Review

"Wrinkling is not a problem in our family, we are a family of saggers." This is what my mom said to me after I told her all my other friends mothers kept remarking on the fact she had no wrinkles. Being that I am not about to run out and l go to extremes so... Continue Reading →

Glam Glow

Lets start with this...I am 100% a Glamaholic!!! This company is the only one that has made the products that worked on my problematic skin! I have used some of the most popular and expensive skin care products out there and nothing has worked...until I found GlamGlow! I mean nothing, nada, zilch, zero! I was... Continue Reading →

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