Face Forward: Hey There Wayfarer

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July 6, 2015 by Monique Louise

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to talk about one of the most popular and universally stylish frame shapes. The Wayfarer. There is much to be said about this frame shape but I will keep it short. This style was worn by celebrities like James Dean, Bob Marley and the Beatles, and now practically everyone has a pair! The Ray-Ban Wayfarers are one of Ray Bans most popular apart from the aviators and club masters.



My favorite beauty tip when wearing this stylish design – Don’t neglect your eyebrows! Your eyebrows frame your face and can help enhance those eyes behind your glasses. Elle and Buzzfeed have great step by step on how to get fabulous eyebrows that look great and natural. My biggest concern when I started trying this was that I was going to look like I had two caterpillars on my face or with the summer heat have eyebrows melting down my face.  It’s now one of my favorite go to’s, especially when I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup and I want my eyes to pop!

Tell me below what is your makeup look for wearing glasses!


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