Face Forward: The Cat Eye Edition

Today I wanted to start something different than what I usually talk about. I personally wear glasses all the time. I feel that

while they are something that is medically necessary they are a glimpse into my personality and love of fashion. I mean if its

on your face every day it has to be fabulous. So I was thinking let’s talk about the different kinds of glasses and which

shapes really help enhance beauty rather than hide you! So here we go the Cat Eye.

marlynTom Ford

Classic yet full of sass this style has been worn by iconic celebrities such as Marlyn Monroe and used by cutting edge

fashion designers like Tom Ford.

Your Best Face Foward: Cat Eye’s look great on round faces. Glasses with a clear bridge can make

your eyes appear wider while adjustable nosepads can prevent frames from resting on fuller

cheeks. One of my new favorite glass shops Bon Look says, ” Identifying your face shape is the key to choosing your

perfect frames. If you’ve got a round face shape, you have fuller cheeks, a wide forehead and a rounded chin and your ace

is usually proportional in width and length. Sharpen your soft features with bold, angular lines. Rectangle, square and even

some cateye frames look spectacular on you. Beware styles that sit too low on your face; the

bottom of the frame should sit just above your cheekbones.”


The right pair of glasses can make or break your look, but what about the makeup you wear underneath? If you have a

more round face in additon to some cat eye frames contouring is a great way to accentuate your cheeck bones and highligt

your eyes. (Next post we will talk about the importance of great eyebows and how to fill them in to get the best shape for

you.)Frames can sometimes cast dark shadows around the eyes, blending a lighter foundation down the center of your

nose and under the eye makes your eyes pop and highlight on top of your cheekbones will draw more attention toward the

eyes. Urban Romance suggest’s some great makeup tips for glasses and, “Contouring your cheeksbones adds

more structure, emphasizing the middle of your face and reinforcing focus on the eyes.”

Are you eye wear obsessed too? What do you do to keep your style with glasses looking fabulous?


2 thoughts on “Face Forward: The Cat Eye Edition

Add yours

    1. Hello! And thank you for reading! To answer your question you can go into places such as JC Penny and Macy’s, who’s sales are good. But my best advice is to look to online shopping, they will give you all the measurements of the frames so that you can pick the best fit. If your looking for sunglasses then Urban Outfitters, Modcloth and Bluefly have fantastic options. If your looking for eye glasses then Frames Direct is amazing because they do both prescription and non prescription eyeglasses & sunglasses.


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