London Log: Liberty London

There is something about shopping in London, its in the energy of the hustle and bustle, the unique architecture of the buildings and the shops that are not in the U.S. aka Selfridges and Marks & Spencer. One of the places that I have wanted to go was Liberty London. In 2011 my family and I made a trip over there and while I was out with my mom on Regent Street I saw these exceptionally royal looking purple shopping bags. I asked my  cousin later that night what Liberty is and all of the fantastic things that you can buy there and the unique look of the building inside and out. I looked on their website to see what I could find that’s specifically Liberty branded and I found the Purple Liberty London Oversized Clutch. The pattern on the bag is the revamped Liberty lanthe design in a variety of colors which makes for a unique statement piece.

I loved every minute of my experience there! I was greeted and given excellent service from the time I stepped over the threshold. I walked down Regent street with an abundance of exuberance because I knew I made a purchase that I loved. Check out my pictures below!



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